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Our range of services includes everything from top-notch concrete works through to intricate tiling patterns. We use high quality materials, and attention to detail, ensuring our results not only look great but also stand the test of time.

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Specialists in Residential Paving

With our subtropical climate, having a usable and good looking outdoor living space is crucial. As locals ourselves we understand local trends, regulations and the environment, which enables us to advise you on the best choice of materials. We welcome customers who would like to supply their own pavers and tiles to maximize choice and uniqueness. You can also rely on our expert advice whilst selecting your perfect material!



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For every paving and tiling project, our team conducts an on-site assessment to discuss your specific needs. Whether it’s a resilient driveway, detailed ceramic tiling, or a great poolside mosaic, with 11 years of experience, we provide tailored solutions that blend style and function.

Top-Notch Workmanship

We take precise measurements and choose quality materials like porcelain tiles for interiors or durable pavers for outdoor landscapes. Our skilled team ensures an efficient and clean installation with minimal disruption, creating a robust long lasting, great looking result, on time and to your budget.

Quality Finish

When the job is complete, we inspect together to make sure it meets our standards and your expectations. We provide you with maintenance tips, and are always available for follow-up support. Our commitment extends beyond the build, ensuring your paving and tiles remain a functional part of your space for years to come.

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JM Paving and Tiling are all about making things easy for you, and that includes getting in touch with us. So, don’t be shy, reach out for a friendly chat today.


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